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With hundreds of projects executed in ZOHO across organizations of different sizes and industries all over the world we can be the perfect choice for you. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers have to say in the Testimonials page. Our time-tested 5-step implementation process ensures you are able to optimally leverage ZOHO applications and get massive success.

We are leaders in providing best custom Integration, Training, Migration as well as Implementation. Our successful working background and holistic knowledge about the development and custom made us the first choice for several industries.

Catalyst Group is your one-stop shop for your technology needs. Clients love our organized, proprietary process that lets us understand who you are, how you operate, how you want to operate, and how we can help you get there through a customized solution. Our Arizona-based team is ready to help you, whether that is by creating a System Architecture to map your business process, consolidating all your tech into an integrated Zoho One solution.

Let our Zoho CRM Consultants help you rule your business

Obviously, you want to be in charge of your own business – and, that’s why we’ll show you exactly how to work with your CRM if you want us to, rather than simply do everything behind the scenes.  As a Zoho Alliance Partner and Zoho certified consultancy firm, we can show you how to work with your CRM and apps to your level of comfort with our specialized consulting packages and online training sessions.

Need to deploy or re-deploy your Zoho CRM?  Getting a handle on any totally new business process, let alone a new CRM system with many different new processes, can be a burden.  Don’t let it bring you down!  Our team of certified consultants can walk you through the entire process and let you do the thing you do best: run your business.  See below for details.

Our Vision

Our vision is to delight customers by helping them achieve consistent revenue growth through implementation of global best practices in sales and marketing.

We will fulfill our vision through:

  1. High quality team with in depth knowledge and experience
  2. Well defined customer centric process
  3. Complying to Global Best Practices
  4. State-of -the-art Information technology

Our Mission

Our mission is to impact the lives of over a million sales professionals around the world by helping them learn and deploy world’s best CRM practices in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, Technology, People and Process.

Business Process Analysis

The BPA is integral to all ZBrains consulting projects, and ensures a successful implementation that fits with your business processes

The best way to solve a problem is to first fully understand the way a business runs. ZBrains does this by analyzing expectation and performance gaps in your business process takes an even broader look at your business, from the perspective of the world at large. Analyzing expectation and performance gaps in your business process takes an even broader look at your business, from the perspective of the world at large.

With Business Process Analysis from ZBrains, we will sit with your team to thoroughly review your sales, marketing, operations, and accounting processes to understand requirements and current systems. The overall goal is to consolidate your business operations into a centralized platform with Zoho as the Hub. Based on this review, we can make expert recommendations on what can be changed, augmented or implemented to meet your goals. We will determine goals, outline targets and give you a strategy that can be executed with precision to create a successful business plan for the upcoming quarters and beyond.

Does it take you forever to calculate commissions?

Are your commission rates or amounts often inaccurate?

Have you realized Zoho doesn’t have a built-in system for calculating commissions?

One of the most important parts of your payout processes in a large sales department is calculating commissions accurately for your salespeople. Your sales staff live by these; any time you take away from their prime selling activities to figure out their own commission rates and percentages time they aren’t doing what you need them to do: sell.

Zoho has done a fine job of augmenting their CRM with apps that help with all sorts of business processes – but, they don’t have anything that can help with computing employee payouts for sales.  That’s where we come in.

Use Zoho Commission Calculator to compute payments more quickly than ever

Imagine the amount of time you are wasting in your accounting department manually calculating sales commission and developing Excel reports separately from your accounting software or CRM simply to pay your staff. ZBrains has recognized this deficiency and now offers a payment calculator to make your job easier, integrating it directly into your Zoho environment.

Happy salespeople, happy company profits! Similar to another popular saying, but more accurately reflects the need to keep your sales department staff motivated and morale high to ensure continued success. One of the most important parts of that process is ensuring they get paid, accurately and on time.

Ever wish you could use Zoho CRM to accept credit card payments?

…Your wish is our command!

It’s been possible to accept credit card payments in Zoho apps like Creator, Books, and Invoice, but it hasn’t been possible to process those transactions with a Zoho CRM credit card integration – until now, that is.

We’ve teamed up with Century Business Solutions to bring you a solution that allows for credit card transactions right inside Zoho CRM – without the middleman.  The Zoho CRM credit card processing integration allows users to accept and process credit card transactions within Zoho CRM from the Sales Order or Invoice modules.


How does it work?

Users can run credit card transactions from several modules inside Zoho CRM, including a custom Payments module that comes with the integration:

Sales Order

  • Capture a preauthorized amount
  • Capture a deposit


  • Capture a payment from Sales Order preauthorization
  • Charge a card to pay an Invoice directly
  • Import a deposit to an Invoice


  • Issue a refund

Other neat features

  1. The Zoho CRM credit card integration uses tokenization to securely store credit card data for later use withoutcompromising any security.
  2. You can email receipts for credit card transactions instantly from your payment screen.
  3. The custom Payments module in Zoho CRM also lets users look up past transactions and their associated Invoices or Sales Orders.


Why use this integration?

Despite being technologically savvy in most areas of business, most B2B companies – those that never see their clients face to face – accept credit cards as if they’re in a retail environment, by punching numbers into a machine, printing a receipt, and saving all those receipts (and their associated invoices) for the end of the day to enter into their master system of choice.

But, if you’re going to enter card information into Zoho CRM at the end of the day anyway, why not accept payments directly inside Zoho CRM?

Use the Zoho CRM credit card processing plugin to:

  • Accept or record credit card transactions inside of Zoho CRM
  • Accept credit card payments and then sync those with an ERP integration (for example, QuickBooks or Sage 100)
  • Keep a detailed payment log for your clients inside Zoho CRM
  • Save time with payment processing data entry each time you process a transaction
  • Increase your bottom line by using the time you’d normally spend entering data to do other tasks you’d been putting off

Use our brains – ZBrains!zoho crm credit card integration

What makes ZBrains a cut above the other Zoho consultants you might find around the web?  Well, custom enhancements like this one, for one.  ZBrains is the only consultancy that offers an integrated credit card processing plugin for Zoho CRM, allowing you to save time with data entry every time you process a credit card transaction.

All of our Zoho integrations are cut from a similar cloth, actually: they’re designed to save you time you might otherwise spend entering data twice, designed to make Zoho CRM easier to use overall.

Because of our variety of Zoho CRM integrations, custom Zoho add-ons, and Alliance Partnership with Zoho, we’re one of the most trusted sources of Zoho knowledge.  Whether you use us for consultingsupport, or training, we’re here to show you the ropes so you can rest easy.

 Start taking payments inside Zoho

Are you ready to roll?  Or, do you have a few questions about how the integration works?  We’d love to entertain any questions you have or coordinate a walkthrough with you!  Use this form to contact us and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss your needs as quickly as possible

This personal assistant won’t even ask for a raise

If you’re a business owner using Zoho CRM, dropping everything you’re doing to make time for tasks and set appointments for yourself is a hassle – and, it’s even more bothersome when scheduling involves coordinating with someone else.  At the end of the day, you probably do set all your appointments, but all the time you spend doing so can really put a damper on daily productivity.  For most people, this is just the reality one faces when setting any kind of appointment.  But…with Zoho SmartScheduler™, you don’t have to do any of that extra work.


It’s almost like hiring a personal assistant to make appointments for you – only less finicky and definitely less talkative.  Here’s exactly what Zoho SmartScheduler™ does:

Zoho SmartScheduler™ makes setting appointments a breeze

Rather than sift through your roster of employees and sort them by expertise, location, availability, or any other quality that might be necessary to set an appointment, the Zoho SmartScheduler™ does that for you.  Search through employees by:

  • Calendar availability
  • Proximity to client
  • Area of expertise
  • Predefined territory (if different than location)
  • Any other data that can be collected in your CRM

Using parameters you set, the Zoho SmartScheduler™ will then recommend possible appointment times for you or you staff.

Zoho Executive Dashboards

Do you have the right data to know how to lead your company effectively?

Technology is great, but only if it is put to work making things easier for you. Otherwise it becomes an overwhelming source of information without any way to filter what you need to know and what is just background noise. With ZBrains’ Zoho Executive Dashboard you can turn all that white noise information into hard data points that help give you as a leader visibility into the decisions you need to make on a daily basis.

Let ZBrains develop and customize the dashboard to reflect your personal preferences and make it specific to your business and industry, ensuring it is reflective of your vision. Get ahead of the information curve and your competitors with better decisions based on better information.




Do you know your key KPIs?  Zoho Executive Dashboards can help

KPIs or key performance indicators are general guide points that allow business owners, managers and leaders make effective decisions. However if you have not established what the most important KPIs are to you and your business ZBrains can help with that process too, ensuring the right information is included in your Zoho Executive Dashboard. These KPIs are so important not only to provide the right information for daily decisions but also because they provide a way to recognize trends early ensuring you keep ahead of your competition.

Zoho ERP Software

With Zoho ERP software, your business will generate accurate insight into performance by syncing with inventory, order management and financial data. Centralize your operations with Zoho. From insight into customers, quotes, sales orders and invoices, to product inventory, work orders and process automation, Our ERP software will help your business grow faster, smarter and scale more efficiently.