Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

We enable digital business transformation through innovative applications of Zoho One software solutions. Zoho Solution’s are transforming businesses processes, extending and optimizing relationships across a company’s to include customers, employees.

Business Scales provides a comprehensive services leveraging our deep industry expertise in Zoho products to help customers build an efficient and reliable IT Solution.

With our global delivery models of onsite, offshore, and offsite and best practices, we ensure service excellence to maximize your return on investment.



We enable digital business transformation through application of powerful and agile software solutions like Zoho one, Salesforces, Google cloud

Business flow Consultation & Automation

We help you to create beautiful customised softwares by configuring workflows to automate your business applications with minimal steps and iterations

CRM Customisation

We enable to you create CRM portal for improved sales, lasting relationships and faster growth of your targeted customers.

Integration between various Zoho Products

We help you integrate different cross industry applications to power your business process

Zoho One Consulting

We enable you to replace your group of business applications, and conventional processes with one operating system for your entire business.

Zoho Creator Training

We are expert and Zoho certified in making people train in Zoho platform and applications.

Partner with us

With years of experience in designing custom business apps across many industrial verticals we can prove to be best development partner for you.

Our Platforms

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