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When it comes to zoho crm consulting or custom application development, we provide it all from basic architecture and design services to advance process management

Zoho Implementation

Business Scales brings exclusive Zoho expertise and proven approach on Industry Business process Focused Zoho Apps implementation. Oursolution  facilitate information-driven business processes that connect, automate and energize your business.

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Zoho Consulting

Zoho Solution’s are transforming businesses processes, extending and optimizing relationships across a company’s to include customers, employees.

Business Scales provides a comprehensive services leveraging our deep industry expertise in Zoho products to help customers build an efficient and reliable IT  Solution.

With our global delivery models of onsite, offshore, and offsite and best practices, Linz ensures service excellence to maximize your return on investment.


Business flow Consultation & Automation

Get the productivity of your human team that you have always dreamed of thanks to our process optimization. We bring you New Technologies in a simple, effective and economical way. Grow decreasing effort.


One of the key elements of Zoho CRM is its capacity to allow customization and the flexibility to do so. Zoho CRM is extremely customizable and allows businesses of all sizes and industries to adopt quickly. It lets the Administrators do all the customization they need without writing a single line of code. You can customize a lot of elements like the tabs (modules), page layouts, conditional layouts, apply validation rules, creating and editing fields, changing views etc.


Database based applications like Zoho CRM are primarily form based which make them not-so-easy for simultaneous editing. Lets take a simple example of editing multiple contacts. In form based apps like CRM, you have to open individual contact, edit them and save them. On the other hand, a spreadsheet interface provides a very easy way to edit content. By integration Zoho Sheet into Zoho CRM, we have married the power of relational database back-end with the ease of editing the content in a spreadsheet.

CRM Business App Development

Zoho Creator helps you build a variety of custom apps for all your business needs, regardless of your expertise. Our intuitive drag and drop interface makes app-building as simple as playing with blocks, whether you are a professional programmer, or a skilled baby-sitter.


Solutions to Success are a specialised Zoho Partner Consultant company of Business Analysts, Professional Developers and Online System Integrators. Our passion is in working with businesses to optimise and automate business processes that boost productivity, streamline operations and reduce costs. We know Business Process Automation like the backs of our Apple Macs, and we specialise in a full gamut of online services. Everything from integrating your current business systems or website to setting up a fully automated workflow management solution using Zoho Platform as a Service.


We’ll show you an application that would solve one of our instructor’s real organizational problems. Then we’ll reverse engineer it and show you how each part was made, so you can apply Zoho Creator’s tools to your own organization.

Zoho Admin & Technical Support

Step up your customer-supporting game and add the power of live chat to full-fledged helpdesk software, to create the ultimate, unified customer Desk suite. By combining the on-demand supporting power of Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho Desk, a complete help desk solution for small and medium businesses, you can take your customer service and support to new heights.

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